Harborage Inn on the Oceanfront - Boothbay Harbor, Maine, ME 04538, United States
  • 1953 Harborage business postcard used during Mr. & Mrs. Mathers ownership during 1952-59.
  • Harborage Inn Circa 1930
  • A guest lounging on the front porch in 1978.
  • Photo by Pauline & Walter Shockey who operated the Inn from 1959-1971.
  • The Harborage Inn business postcard circa 1978.
  • Harborage Inn Circa 1929
  • Your innkeeper, Troy Chapman, takes a seat on our private waterfront lawn at the age of 4 in 1974.
  • Mr. Robert Wallace and a returning guest of 35 years, relaxing on the front porch
  • A 1977 picture of the inn before the second floor wraparound porch was added around rooms 3 & 4, and the front of the inn.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wallace (Innkeepers/Owners 1971-99) and their 1927 Model A
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wallace -Innkeepers/Owners 1971-99.
  • 4/30/53 Hi, So glad to receive your card. You will be interested to know we have bought this place in Maine & took over April 1


The Harborage Inn has been a Seaside Inn since 1925 and is Boothbay Harbor's longest continuously operated Inn . We offer our guests the unsurpassed tradition, quality & service from our family-run business now carried on in its 3rd generation.

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Harborage (Har bor age) Noun: 1(Nautical) Shelter & anchorage for ships. A place of refuge (as for a ship).

Where can I get me harborage for the night? ~Tennyson

  • Mrs. Katherine Kelly (Innkeeper 1938-1952) entertaining a guest & enjoying the view of the inner harbor.
  • A guest lounging on the front porch in 1978.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wallace (Innkeepers/Owners 1971-99) and their 1927 Model A

The Harborage Inn was built in 1869 and became an operating Inn in 1925.  In the Spring of 1971, the Harborage came up for sale and Troy's grandparents Effie & Robert Wallace were delighted to purchase this historic landmark.  They owned the inn for many years and built a strong reputation for true quality, hospitality & family tradition.

In 1999, Troy & Emery Chapman purchased the Harborage Inn from Troy's grandparents and now take great pride in maintaining these traditions & high standards.  

For more historical images of the Harborage Inn, please view our Photo Album.

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